What Kind Of Website Does Your Business Need?

There are three main kinds of websites that “Brick and Mortar” businesses are likely to use: Brochure, Lead-Generation, and E-Commerce. A website can also be a combination. When you’re looking at having your website put together, you need to have a clear understanding of your website’s purpose.

Before people really understood how powerful their websites could really be, and the importance of user interaction, you would commonly see business owners using the wrong kind of website.

The Brochure Site: A brochure site is generally static website that gives you some basic information about the company, and perhaps tries to encourage you to get in contact with the company for find out more about their products and services.

These websites have no useful interactive features such as forms and buttons. Their sole purpose is to build “brand awareness” – letting people know that the business exists.

Before business owners were really tapping into the power of the internet, these kinds of websites were very popular. They were almost like business cards:

Out of the websites that we deal with, brochure sites tend to be the least effective. As direct marketers, what we really want to do is move the visitor through the page, and illicit a particular response from them… Which leads us to the next website class:


The Lead Generation Site: The purpose of this site is to turn visitors into “leads”. A person becomes a lead when they leave their contact details, so that you can communicate with them, and build a relationship that leads to a sale.

The main difference between a brochure site and a lead generation site is the fact that a lead generation site will usually have a contact form, so that the visitor can leave their details.

Now, you don’t get a good lead site by simply sticking a contact form onto a brochure site. In order to create a good lead generation site, you need a well-written sales message, which compels the visitor to leave their details.

This is where we come in. We help businesses to create effective sales messages, so that you can generate more leads and sales from your business. You can always try it yourself, but experience can make the difference between a website that generates 2 leads each month and a website that generates 50.

Once you have a good list of leads, you can contact them in order to make more sales for your business. However, if you want a website that handles the whole sales process for you, then you’re looking for:


The E-Commerce Site: E-Commerce stands for electronic commerce (selling electronically). Selling your old bedside cabinet on ebay, and selling products and services from your own website are two entirely different things.

In order to make sales on your website, you need to guide the potential customer through a specially crafted sales process. The sophistication of this sales process will depend on a number of factors, including the price of your products, and the product popularity. Not all businesses need an e-commerce website. But for those businesses who do accept payments online, these websites can become a huge business asset.

Many e-commerce websites will also act as lead generation websites. This is because somebody who has already made a purchase from you will more more likely to buy again, than someone who hasn’t. If you’re able to get the contact details of these people, you’ll be more likely to be able to retain your customers.

Whichever website your business needs, make sure you get the right one. A website is a business investment. And if you try to cut corners, your decisions will always catch up with you. If you need help choosing the right kind of website for your business, fill out a call-back form on the right of the page, and we can help you to decide.