Flowing With The Desire Of Your Market

You are a problem solver. Your market… Some of whom have become your clients, are simply a bunch of people who desire the same thing. This “thing” is the solution to a problem they shared… And then you swooped in as the hero, with the solution to this problem.

Now, although this desire is what originally bound your market together, and what made them into a profitable market for you – times change, and so do people.

So it’s your job to keep an ear on the ground, and listen out for changes in the desires of your market. Perhaps the problem itself won’t change, but the desired mechanism might.

For example… One minute, dieting is the answer to weight loss, and the next, it’s weight loss pills, then it’s Zumba. The desire to lose weight is still there, but as times change, people want too do it in different ways.

You are the guardian, or protector of your clients, and it is your duty to make sure that they are given the correct information when it comes to making decisions within your field. So, if you see someone touting weight loss pill that don’t work, and you know about something better, you will build trust with your clients by sharing the true solution with them.

Not only that, but you can packet some cash in the process.

As for myself, I started out as a simple web designer. But I knew that my clients didn’t want “websites”. They had just been told that websites were the solution to growing your business online. Since “business growth” was the desire of my clients… I spent years studying different methods of growing businesses.

As I learned more about marketing, I saw that this was the true solution to growing a business. So I shared this knowledge with my clients – and they were more than happy to take up these new services, as I’d helped them in the past… And they trusted me to do so again.

After this, I started seeing other risks and problems within my clients’ businesses. For example – marketing can be so successful that you “over sell”, and don’t have to supply to meet the demand. Therefore, it was clear to me that I needed to help my clients to prepare for the demand of their products… And so another branch of my business was born…

The simple moral of the story is: Know the needs, problems and desires of your clients… As you solve more of these problems… Your business grows.

So the next time you need an idea for a new product, speak with your clients!