Boosting The Power Of Your Business Cards

Okay, so I can’t really think of a single business where having some form of business card wouldn’t be beneficial.

The thing is, business is all about the relationships that you build, and business cards work as a great anchor so that people will remember you.

So in this post, I’m going to share a few simple tricks that you can use to get more out of your business cards.

1. Make Your Business Cards More Valuable – Although the card itself is essentially a worthless piece of paper, what you choose to put in in can monumentally increase the value.

Sorry to say it, but when your business card simply says who you are and what you do… Nobody cares – They don’t have any real incentive for keeping it, unless they need your services there and then.

However, if you add a special offer, where the user receives a special discount, a free additional service… Your business card will become a coupon – and coupons have value.


2. Use Multiplication – Don’t worry, I’m not going to ask you to do any difficult equations… The multiplication here is going to be much easier to grasp.

To be honest, this is more about your relationship with your contacts, than it is about your business cards themselves, but I suppose it’s still relevant.

The tip here is about giving multiple cards to the people you meet. Believe it or not, people talk. But if one of your customers has a great conversation with his/her friend, praising your business – without a specific reminder, they’ll quickly forget.

This is the downside to making your cards valuable – people won’t want to give away their last one! So make sure you give them enough cards so that they can pass on the value to their close friends. These kinds of customers are truly invaluable… In some cases, they can bring you more business than your salespeople… So treat them well!


3. Personalise Your Cards – This refers back to the first tip about adding value. People appreciate things when they’re more personal… That’s why autographed photo’s always sell for more.

So when you give someone your card (if the back is blank), write down a personal, “on the spot” coupon.

My two favourite things about writing coupons on the spot is the fact that you can make the coupon relevant to this particular person, plus the fact that it makes them feel special, because you wouldn’t do this for “just anyone”.

Don’t forget to sign the coupon, because this makes it feel more like a “contract”… And sensible people tend to take care of their contracts.


4. Experiment – Marketing is not a perfect science… And the only way that we can accurately predict what’s going to work is by trying it out. Once you find what works for you, keep it up until it stops working.

Don’t forget – as times change, people change. Your best product/service/coupon 5 years ago could be your worst today.

So test different coupons… Test different business card layouts, colours and fonts. Try putting your picture on your cards… Move your logo around… Shrink it, blow it up… Do what you will…

But the golden rule remains: Pay attention, and see which combination brings you the best results.

So there you have it… 4 simple tips on increasing the power of your business cards, that you can start trying out right away. If you’re looking for more tips on getting more out of your business, then drop me an email at:, or use the callback form on the right.